While we all may be familiar with vegan foods, the vegan cosmetic and skin care line is just as efficient and packed full of nutrients as food is. It is just as healthy for your body to absorb while improving the condition of your skin. Below is a list of 4 benefits on why we should all be using a vegan skincare routine and the great benefits that come along with it.

1. Protection Against Sun Damage

The natural antioxidants found in vegan skincare brands contain automatic protection from the sun's UV rays. Instead of a harsh list of chemicals and artificial preservatives, vegan skin care products are made from natural ingredients like white tea, fruit and vegetable extracts and other natural oil components. These organic ingredients have a sun protective compound in them, which is safer than using a sunblock with multiple additives.

2. Natural Anti-Aging

The fewer the ingredients, the cleaner the product is for your skin. Simple organic ingredients such as, mango butter or hibiscus, provide instant moisture and vitamin nourishment towards the dryness of your skin. Due to the purity of vegan skincare products, you will not have to worry about chemical buildup or stripping off the skins natural element. Many artificial skin care products contain a significant amount of water and chemicals that require harsh preservatives to remain stable. These preservatives can cause our skin to age prematurely and can lead to other skin ailments. Instead of causing aging by using products that have harmful ingredients, try using only vegan products to start preventing the aging process.

3. Better For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is very common and most people aren't taking proper precautions to prevent skin reactions. Skin reactions are typically caused by an ingredient your skin absorbs that it does not react well with. Most of the time, the ingredient is found in chemicals, fragrances, or harsh ingredients that non vegan cosmetics contain. By using vegan skincare, you are avoiding the harsh ingredients and chemicals potentially causing reactions. The more pure the ingredients, the less likely your skin will react negatively.

4. Avoid Animal Testing And Protect The Environment

Choosing a vegan skincare routine is more ethical for the environment as well as the protection of animals. Using vegan cosmetic products helps preserve the environment because of the preservation of all animal-based materials, as well as saving animals lives. We all know the horrors of animal testing and the cruel process is heartbreaking, yet can be avoided. Using vegan products isn't just great for your skin, it's great for your conscience. Having a vegan skincare routine is important for many reasons. This is why Blumen’s products are all made to be 100% vegan, gluten-free, and organic. You will not be disappointed in the overall quality and satisfaction that Blumen Cosmetics bring.