While we all may be familiar with cocoa butter, mango butter is the new key ingredient for the ultimate enhanced perfection. Mango butter is used to treat many issues and can also be a beneficial preventative. Blumen’s main ingredient is mango butter and takes pride in the organic nutrients that it brings to the product. Below is a list of 5 reasons we should all be using mango butter and the great benefits that come along with it. 

1. Known To Clear Blemishes

Mango butter rapidly absorbs to your skin and is known to be absorbed immediately. It does not contain any harsh ingredients due to it being a pure, organic, natural butter. The second it is absorbed into your skin, it provides instant moisture without clogging pores. It is a great product to use when trying to clear up your skin because mangos are also known to be rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. When you rub the mango butter on your skin, it is known to help clear acne over time, while leaving your skin with a natural glow. 

2. Moisturize Your Hair

Mango butter is a great moisturizer due to its pure, juicy ingredients. Mango butter is very rich in antioxidants, which makes the cream a great moisturizer for skin and hair. The longer you use natural mango remedies for your hair, the quicker it will be for your hair to start regaining its natural oils and grow in thicker and fuller. It is very important to make sure the products that are absorbed into your body from your hair and skin are in its purest forms. It is very dangerous to apply products that have heavy chemical based formula versus all natural ingredients that are clean for your body to absorb. 

3. Relieves Bug Bites  

Mango butter is also a great remedy for most types of bug bites! The mango extract in the butter relieves the burning or itching sensation you may be experiencing from the cooling. It also physically stops the itching by healing the skin naturally by reducing the inflammation caused by the bite from the antioxidants in the mango butter.

4. Alleviates Sunburns  

Mango butter includes vitamin A, C, and E which can naturally soothe and moisturize your skin. Sunburns are caused by severe sun exposure, drying out and burning a layer of your skin. When you apply the mango butter to the sunburn it will automatically soak up the burn and start treating it with the rich creamy antioxidants and pure ingredients in the butter.

5. Prevent Aging  
Mango Butter is also a beneficial treatment to prevent aging and renew fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidants help rejuvenate the skin and replenish it by drawing out harmful toxins and rebuilding the natural oils your face needs to restore a layer of healthy, smooth looking skin.

Having natural ingredients in the products consumed daily are important for many reasons. This is why Blumen’s products are all made to be 100% vegan, gluten-free, and organic. Mango butter is such a hydrating ingredient that has many benefits you don’t want to miss!